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Protect Your Investment with Classic Car Storage in Sydney

Classic car storage in Sydney is essential for anyone classic car enthusiast. Restoring these cars can take a lot of time, energy, and money, so you want to be sure that your vehicle is protected and safe when you aren’t using it. All Car Storage offers long-term storage in our classic car storage facility near inner Sydney

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When Choosing Classic Car Storage, Consider This

There are many reasons why people put their classic cars in long-term storage. Whether you are travelling overseas for work, part of the Defence Force, or just need a place to store your vehicle for a while, here are a few things to consider.

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clean your car before putting it into storage

Clean your car thoroughly before storing.

Remember that dirt can damage your car’s paint over time. Before you put your vehicle in storage, be sure to wash it thoroughly, removing any dirt, dust, stains,splatters, spills, or weather spots. Follow your wash with a good wax to further protect the paint job.

prepare the engine before long term car storage

Prepare the engine.

You should take the time to prepare your car’s engine before storing long-term. Check the fluids and change or top off as needed. Protect the engine from rust by spraying the exposed areas with a lubricant designed for this purpose. Fill the tank to minimise the amount of water the petrol can absorb.

Choose a secure long term storage facility

 Choose the right facility.

You wouldn’t let just anyone drive your car, so why would you store it just anywhere? You need a classic car storage facility with experience handling and caring for vintage and other valuable vehicles. You should also be sure that your car will be safe from humidity, extreme heat, and water damage.

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What Sets All Car Storage Apart Regarding Classic Car Parking

When you want to make sure that your classic car will be in good hands while you’re away, All Car Storage is the answer. Here are some of the things that set us apart from other storage facilities.

  •  We don’t just let your car sit unattended. While your classic car stays with us, we’ll actively take care of it to make sure it stays in the best possible shape. We’ll run your car, check its battery, service it as needed, and keep it covered when we aren’t caring for it.
  • We are a licensed, dependable business. Ours is not a questionable operation where you’ll have to worry about your prized vehicle. We are a licensed, insured, and recognised company that you can trust with the care and supervision of your classic car.
  • We are a secure facility. We understand the importance of making sure that nothing happens to your car while it stays with us. That’s why we use a sensor alarm system for our storage warehouse and around-the-clock security to protect the vehicles in our care and keep them safe.

About All Car Storage

All Car Storage does more than just store your car – we actively take care of it. We have cared for many cars over the years, including vintage and retro cars, family cars, off-road vehicles, commercial and work vehicles, and more. Best ofall, we offer our services at the lowest prices around. If you’re looking for serviced long-term car storage, contact us today.