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If you travel for work often and for long periods at a time, leaving your car behind in prestige car storage is your best option. We not only store your car but take care of it as well. See what we offer you as part of our prestige storage service.

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What Sets All Car Storage Apart Regarding Sydney Prestige Car Storage?

Your car is a precious possession, whether you have a classic sports car that you need to store and care for or a vehicle that needs a home while you are temporarily living overseas. We have a large warehouse where we will store your car and take care of it in your absence.

Care and Maintenance for long term car storage

Car service

Leaving your car in airport parking for extended periods means that the  battery will run down. You will pay for storage - and only storage. When you use our service instead, we will not only store your car but also drive it  to keep it in working order so that you don’t have any problems upon your  return. We can even service your car while it is in our care.

maintaining your vehicle whilst in storage


We are just eight minutes away from the airport, which means no extra  costs to travel far just to find ideal storage for your car. As we have a big warehouse, we do not charge per car parking space, which means that it is affordable to leave your car with us.

round the clock car parking security

Added value.

While we perform car servicing ourselves, when you choose luxury car storage, if your car needs further attention, we can help. We can organise   panel beating, airbag refitting, or even license renewals for you so that  everything is taken care of before your return.

Problems We Address Regarding Prestige Airport Parking

Airportparking or storage for your car may be calculated on a day-to-day basis as your car occupies a parking spot on the airport premises, and you will be paying quite an amount as that rate adds up to months. See what we offer you instead:

  • Medium- or long-term cost support. We do not calculate the cost of your luxury airport parking with us per parking space. We have a large warehouse that  can accommodate many cars, and we don’t have to charge you an arm and a  leg because of that fact. We offer only medium- or long-term parking in which we cover your car care, drive it often, and check for problems.

  • Storage neglect.  When you place your car in storage, you risk your investment being damaged   or stolen or your battery running flat. We don’t simply store your car - we  care for it and want you to get it back in the same, or better, condition.  That is why we store and care for classic cars or any precious vehicle  that you want to keep safe at a storage warehouse with 24/7 security.
  • Location. We are  conveniently close to the Sydney Airport, which means that you can just     drop off your car before your flight - no need to plan hours ahead to take your car to a location that is far away. We save you fuel, time, and  stress.
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About All Car Storage

All Car Storage grew from a business started in 1977 as the owner wished to provide Australians with easy access and conveniently-located storage and care for their cars. Contact us anytime to book your luxury car storage for the medium - or long-term care of your car.

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