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What to Know When Choosing Long Term Car Storage in Sydney

When preparingto go on an extended holiday or to leave the country for any reason, one of the first things on your to-do list should be to find good long term car storage in Sydney.

Parking on a surface lot before you fly out has more than its fairshare of disadvantages, especially when you'll be gone for months at a time
rather than a week or two. Your car will stay exposed to the elements, and other motorists might ding and dent your car, leaving an unwelcome surprise foryour return.

There must be a better way, right?  At All Car Storage, we provide a better solution for long term parking in Sydney at a much more competitive rate. How can we help protect your most important investment while you're away?

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Tips Regarding Long Term Vehicle Storage

First, it's agood idea to understand what you can do in terms of both selecting a storage solution and in preparing your car for a long absence. What are some of our top tips for keeping your vehicle in good condition before you embark? Try to keep these things in mind:

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Clean the vehicle

Clean the car  thoroughly inside and out before taking it to a long term car park in Sydney. Cleaning here means more than vacuuming out the interior and washing the outside. Remove items from the vehicle, especially those that     could create lingering odours.

Oil Change and Petrol Fill

Change the oil and fill the tank. Consider using a fuel stabiliser to keep the petrol fresher for longer. While we'll always keep your car in good shape, it's a  smart idea to start off on the right foot.

Stay in touch

Consider checking in on your vehicle from time to time. Our team is always happy to give a     status report for a concerned owner calling to enquire about their car.

What Makes All Car Storage a Reputable Service?

It is hard to overstate the value of trust in the relationship between a car's owner and those who provide long term car storage in Sydney. At All Car Storage, we understand that you need peace of mind just as much as your car needs a safe, covered space. What are some of the reasons you can have confidence in placing your trust with us?


We have over  three decades of successful business behind us, and we continue to look     forward to many more. Our experience and understanding guide us and help  to keep our clients satisfied.

Going the extra mile

We go the extra  mile for our clients by keeping your vehicle in excellent condition for as  long as you have it stored with our service. From start-and-run sequences  to checking the battery and oil levels, your car will still be ready to drive when you return.


Our extensive  security measures keep your investment safe. Under lock and key,     surveillance, and guarded, you can rest easy no one will come close to your car.

Services Related to Long Term Auto Storage We Provide

In pursuit ofour goal of providing the most comprehensive and useful solution for vehicle storage in Sydney, we can supplement our basic servicing with other add-ons, too. Some of the other ways we can assist car owners storing their vehicles in our warehouse include:

Vehicle Servicing

In-house and  off-site vehicle servicing according to your instructions. Want to ensure     that all the problems you've had before leaving receive a fix while you're gone? We can guarantee it happens; ask us about this service during your booking process.

Discounts for long-term parking

Discounts for long-term (6+ months) storage when paid in full in advance. Plan ahead and     enjoy reaping the benefits of these savings.

Defence Force discounts

Special pricing for members of the Australian Defence Force.  We support our troops and     understand that deployments may send you away for an indeterminate amount of time.

About All Car Storage

We’ve been inthe industry for 35+ years and are located conveniently close to Sydney Airport. All Car Storage is here to support everyone who must leave their car behind for a while. Rather than selling it and facing the need to buy another vehicle upon your return, why not save with a more cost-effective storage option? Learn more about what we do today, or contact us to find out how to park your car in our warehouse today.

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